The German School of Connecticut provides German language and culture instruction for children Pre-K-12 and adults in a professional, stimulating and friendly atmosphere. Besides offering classroom activities, it provides an international and intercultura
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Dear students, parents and friends of the German School of Connecticut in Stamford and West Hartford.

We offer German language instruction in a friendly, stimulating learning environment for children age 2 through high school and adults. In addition to language education, German culture and traditions (both old and new) form an important part of the curriculum, offering students a modern view of German speaking countries. Classes target students new to the German language as well as students already used to speaking and/or listening to German.

Campus Locations:

  • Stamford
    Rippowam Middle School
    381 High Ridge Road
    Stamford, CT 06905
    Phone: (203) 548-0438
  • West Hartford
    First Baptist Church
    90 North Main Street
    West Hartford, CT 06107
    Phone: (860) 404-8838
Registration for Fall 2016

Dear parents, students and friends,

In order for the school to plan the exact number of teachers and classes we need your commitment to start on September 10th with your classes now.

Therefore a non-refundable payment of $140 per student (Cap of $300 per family) is expected to be made now by May 21, 2016.

1. Please register as usual under the following link: register

2. Lock in your old tuition rate and pay here:

number of students

by posted 04/29/2016
Open House in Stamford: May 7th & free theater show in German

Dear GSC students, parents, teachers, alumni and friends,

We are announcing our Open Houses for this year again. See below

Our registration site will soon be available for new and current students to register. Announcement will follow soon.



West Hartford: Save the date: :  August 20 from 10:00 am -12:00 noon (flyer will follow)

Stamford: Saturday, May 7th, 12:30-2:00 pm + Join for free theater performance in German at 11:30 am for "the little red riding hood" or Rotkaeppchen.

Where: Rippowam Middle School,  381 High Ridge Rd, Stamford CT

Print out this flyer and hang it at your coffee store, grocery store, pizzeria, library, church and workplace!!   THANK YOU!!
There is a competition on our Facebook page if you hang a flyer and post the photo on Facebook (our site) you can win Swiss Chocolates with the most postings!




by posted 04/16/2016
Invitation for 2016 Annual Members Meeting in Stamford

Dear students and parents,

Please find attached the invitation to our annual members meeting on
Saturday February 27, 2016 at 11:30 am in Stamford, CT.

See below invitation and proxy letter. Please make sure you can attend the meeting and help shape the future of our school with questions and participation at the meeting. If you can not attend, please follow the instruction on the proxy and sign the letter and mail it or hand it to us at the registration table before the 2/27/16.



by posted 01/28/2016
School Year 2015/2016 Annual Fund

January 2016

Re:  School Year 2015/2016 Annual Fund

Dear Parents, Alumnae, Alumni and Friends of the German School of Connecticut,


With our wonderful traditional Weihnachtsfeier and the many events and activities, such as Laternebasteln, -umzug, Flohmarkt etc. behind us, we can now look forward to an exciting second half of the year.  Some of our students are preparing for their final exams, while others are studying for the AATG exams.  These are pivotal moments for our students.  Without your financial support this would not have been possible.  We hope that you will continue to support our school in the New Year.

Many believe that paying the tuition should be sufficient to run our school!  Our low tuition, however, does not cover the expenses of running an organization dedicated to the education of over 350 students in Stamford and Hartford.  Our fundraising efforts such as the Pausentisch, book sales and our yummy bread table, combined with many others such as Amazon certainly help.  But without your direct financial donations during our Annual Fund Drive we would not be able to continue teaching German and German culture to the communities in and around Connecticut.  Now is the time for us to focus on the Annual Fund 2015/2016.  It is for this reason that I contact you now, and ask you to dip deep into your hearts and support us this year again.

Your support of our school is much more than a simple investment in your children’s prospects of entering the best American colleges and universities.  It is more than an improvement in your family’s communication with relatives in the “old country” and continuation of a culture in which we all take great pride.  It is a signal to The German School of Connecticut of your approval in our mission and the hard work of our students in reaching the highly set goals of biculturalism.  In a time when American schools are eliminating their German language departments, you are providing your children with an experience which will open up your student up to a limitless international future.  Germany, now more than ever, continues to be in the limelight of international developments which again proves that German language proficiency is an essential asset in your child’s portfolio of skills.  The German School of Connecticut is your family’s best resource for the mastery of the German language

Please help us.  This is our tenth Annual Fund campaign.  We hope to reach our goal of 100% parent participation.  Our future is in your hands!

Ulrich Geldmacher Memorial Fund was founded in memory of a parent and director, who has contributed a great deal towards the success of our school.  Every year it supports a scholarship for a student to attend the German School of Connecticut.  Please consider supporting this fund as well.

You can make your, in many cases, tax deductible contribution at the “registrar´s table” in Stamford or Hartford. Or, in the alternative, just mail your donation to The German School of Connecticut c/o Annette Flogaus-Bareiss, 113 Old North Stamford Rd, Stamford, Ct. 06905.

For those of you who have already given or plan to give, a heartfelt thank you!




Annette Flogaus-Bareiss                                                                   Donate online here  

Member of the Board of Directors/ Fundraising                                   Download letter here

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Inclement Weather Policy

Dear students, parents and friends of the German School of Connecticut,


Inclement Weather Policy

For the upcoming fall and spring semester we wanted to make you are aware on how we would communicate school delays or closings.

We will email you with this website and/or manually (and for those who have their accounts set to receive text messages, will receive text-messages from this website) about any school closings or delays. Also we would send you the automatic alert that you receive weekly on Thursdays immediately when we would change anything not according to preset schedule.

In addition we also have the local TV & Radio stations announce it on their websites and on live TV/Radio:

For GSC Stamford its:                  

News12 CT : website:    

NBC CT:         website:

For GSC West Hartford its:

NBC Connecticut WVIT – Channel 30.1

Find more information about West Hartford's policy here:



GSC Staff

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Shop with the German School of Connecticut

For the upcoming holidays: Amazon has proven to be a great resource for all of our members' shopping needs, featuring great products and prices. Click on the link below to shop directly, or see our new shop just below the link! Happy Shopping ... and vielen Dank! 

Bookmark this link on your computers, tablets and smartphone please!


Shop with the German School of Connecticut has proven to be a great resource for all of our members' shopping needs, featuring great products and prices. Click on the link below to shop directly, or see our new shop just below the link!    Happy Shopping ... and vielen Danke!

We have curated a few deutsche Spezialitƒ¤ten recommended for our GSC community below, and in the Browse by Category sidebar at left. We welcome your product ideas as well ...


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Volunteer Sign up for Stamford: New with sign up genius

German School of CT

Volunteer Sign Up-2015-2016

Dear Parents,

As your volunteer coordinator, I hope to reach all of you in good spirits and health.

Families who selects Saturday Helper Hallway Monitor, Recess Table Helper, and Bread Table are required to volunteer three different dates per semester to fulfill their volunteer credits, with a total of 2 credits. 

Responsibilities and expectations will be mailed out or will be describe on the Sign Up Genius.

There were a lot of confusion last year. The Pausentisch and food contribution is not part of your volunteer credits and all families must participate. Teachers or the classroom parents will notify you when its the class turn to donate food for the Pausentisch.

Again, let me know if you need to update your email/address, or if your family is waive from volunteering. Please regularly check the Genius Sign Up for other volunteer positions may come up.


Sign up #1: Part 1-Year round positions

Sign up #2: Part 2- Semester sign ups




(volunteer coordinator)


by posted 09/10/2015
Teacher wanted in Stamford, CT